May 30 2010

Norton Antivirus 2010 Review

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Norton™ AntiVirus 2010

Norton™ AntiVirus 2010

Review Snippets

“Norton AntiVirus 2010 builds on the immense progress made in last year’s version, maintaining a low system profile while strengthening its security framework. It’s not perfect, but even Symantec’s detractors should check it out”. (CNet)

“For those more concerned with a smooth program that is less likely to require your attention, the number-two Norton is a good choice.” (PC World)

Reviewer Ratings

CNet: 8.1/10
PC Mag: 4.5/5
PC World: 4.5/5

Product Overview

RRP: AU$49.99

  • Anti Virus
  • Anti Spyware
  • Bot Protection
  • Norton Pulse Updates
  • Anti Rootkit
  • New Norton™ Insight Network
  • New Norton Download Insight
  • New Norton File Insight
  • New Norton Threat Insight
  • Vulnerability Protection
  • New SONAR™ 2 Behavioral Protection
  • New Norton System Insight


* Impressive speed

* Small performance footprint

* Transparent exposure of performance and detection data

* Worthwhile if you’ve got basic security needs to fill and you don’t trust the free antivirus solutions that are available

* Good choice for non-technical people

* New behavioural reputation engine – “Quorum” which cross-checks downloads and files against usage data collected from millions of Norton users

* Impressive, polished user interface

* Successfully detected 99.5 percent of samples from

* Superb at dealing with rootkits, blocking and removing all ten samples of this type of stealth malware

* A number of excellent features, including PC performance and history of changes, and the Insight feature

* Automatically solves many install problems

* Effective malware cleanup

* Excellent malware blocking

* Runs background tasks while system is idle


* Tech support agents may improperly suggest $99 virus removal service if program fails to install

* Initial malware scan can be slow

* Not the best rate of detection

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