Apr 14 2010


comparem @ 5:45 am

As a member of the Internet industry for the past 10 or so years (as a Project Manager, Producer, Web Content Developer, Information Architect and SEO specialist) I liked to think I knew a thing or two about most things web-related.

When my computer succumbed to some spyware a few years ago, however, I realised that I knew embarrassingly little about computer viruses – how they can infect a machine, what they can do when they’re in there, and how they can be got rid of – not to mention spyware, adware, trojans, dialers, keyloggers and rootkits (most of which I hadn’t even heard of).

Well, there’s no better way to learn than by trying to fix something yourself, and so began my first foray into the dark and mystifying world of computer malware. Suffice to say I did a LOT of research during this episode, and have stayed pretty much up to date with all things malware-related ever since. In this blog my aim is to make this topic as simple to understand as possible, so that ‘non-techies’ can get a good grasp of how to use a computer and browse the web in relative safety.

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